SP Complete Weight and Health Program



Using Simpson Protocol for Weight Correction or Weight Reduction allows a complete Holistic approach – maximizing the Client’s desire and outcome for their optimum body set weight, and will allow the client to maintain it comfortably and easily.

The Program also combines with Pro-Active Health for Optimum Health outcomes.

Now out and complete – however as we get more and more feedback – you will have the free updates if needed




Launched originally as a Beta test in New Zealand, Australia and Germany –

now up and ready for your clients.

Complete program with step by step guide, manuals and 8 videos


  • Using Simpson Protocol for a Complete Approach to Weight and Health Management
  • No guessing or trial and error for the Hypnotist or Client – everything created by Higher Mind
  • The number of sessions- the whole process dictated by the Client’s own Mind
  • Weight and Health managed in the most optimum way for Your Client
  • Weight levels kept easily and simply – no diets, no stress

For  SP Grads ONLY

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any questions contact us at support@simpsonprotocol.com

$149.00 USD

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